Sherry is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend her. She is the most professional, gifted massage therapist that I have had the pleasure of going to.  Julie M.

Sherry was attentive, professional and a good listener. I thoroughly enjoyed my massage.  Denise G.

You were a miracle worker for me a few years back. I actually started my therapy sessions with you years ago, and I haven’t found ANYONE who’s even close to the therapy I received with you.  Lisa P.

Thank you again for my wonderful massage! That night was thefirst night I have been able to sleep without waking up with horrible hip pain.  My back felt much better the next day too.  I was actually able to stand up straight to walk.  It still took a couple of days to get back to normal but I knew it would as the muscles needed time to react.  Gina F.

As you well know, with my head, neck & shoulders due to my long, long hours at the computer and you were the 1st person apart from a PT I used to see, who knew how to really get in there and FIX the issue.  Slept like a baby and woke up feeling normal, thank you so very much, see you in a few weeks.  I really like the stretching you did, I can almost put my ear to shoulder for the 1st time in ages. Don’t retire any time soon!  Collette D.

I have been getting sports/deep tissue massages for many years. I find Sherry to be the best massage therapist I’ve ever had! I feel so taken care of and that no one else matters when I’m in Sherry’s hands. I highly recommend Sherry and have even had her come to my office as well as my home.  I feel so honored and lucky to have Sherry in my life helping me take the best possible care of myself. Thank you!  Catherine S.

I have had numerous massages before, but Sherry’s fingers work the best. What I especially love about her is she continues to educate herself in the world of massage therapy & practices her new techniques on me. She gets to the core of my pain & releases all of my agony! She is awesome.   Wende D.

My 360 Massage is my first choice for massage services for a variety of reasons. They bend over backwards to get you the time that fits in your schedule, they are affordable but it is the quality of work and attention that really seals the deal for me. They were so thorough about finding out EXACTLY what I needed and what my desired outcome was.  I am a CrossFitter and we regularly batter our bodies in pursuit of fitness. I rely on My 360 Massage as part of my “Pit Crew” to keep my body functioning at its highest possible level!  Back update… It is feeling TONs better.  It feels stronger and less fragile!  Sherry is a life saver!  She works magic!  Wow!  Anne B.

Sherry has been by the far the best therapist I have ever been treated by.  Her desire to take care of the patient is number one on her agenda.  She is always sure to ask where you are hurting or need attention and remembers and treats these areas with the best techniques to get the best results.  I recently hired Sherry to give my wife a monthly message for a year for Valentine’s day.  My wife loves it and has been telling all of her friends about My 360 Massage.  Give Sherry a try.  I promise you will be glad you did.   Alan B.

First of all, Sherry is amazing.  She is personable, attentive, patient, and educated.  I have had back pain since I can remember and never thought of getting a massage.  When I found Sherry, she made sure to understand where I was having pain and asked several questions to see what activities I’m doing might be causing it.  Her priority was releasing the tension and pain I was feeling during my first visit.  She explained what she was doing and why she was doing it every step of the way.  She gave me tips on how to help with my posture and even followed up with me after to make sure I was doing okay.  Great customer service. Sherry also works hard to meet my very demanding schedule. Sherry is a one of a kind.  I’m very lucky to have found such a gem.  Sarah H.

I am so grateful to have found My 360 Massage!  It’s so convenient having a professional massage and Sherry is amazing – I have never had a better therapeutic massage.  And now, my husband, son and daughter in law use her too!  You can’t go wrong with Sherry!  Brenda K.